hp - harry / draco you'll be the death o

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And finally, the first fanmix requested! :D Plus some matching icons (and seriously, I'm posting this thing with my icon matching the cover art, how cool am I?)

Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy
Title: You'll be the death of me
Warnings: slash, yaoi and whatever floats your boat
Notes: some of my favorite songs in here, enjoy :)

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10tihay - kat / pat

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misc tv shows: chuck, glee, one tree hill
gossip girl: season two, photoshoots
lost: misc seasons, photoshoots
merlin: season two
misfits: season one
skins: season one / two / three, trailer season four, candids
spiderman: screencaps
supernatural: misc seasons, gag reel
true blood: season one / two, cast


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10tihay - kat / patrick concert

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Ok, this one needs a little explanation: first of all, this fanmix was meant to be a general one, describing the feeling you get when there's something wrong in your relationship, which should also explain the totally random, Sophia Bush related cover art (?). Then, I started realizing that every song reminded me of one of my fandoms (sad, patethic person I am), and from that point forward it's been quite easy. The colored lines are the ones from the character POV. This fanmix may be spoiler-ish for those who haven't seen the last season/book/episode of each fandom, aka SPOILER FOR MERLIN, SKINS, LOST, GOSSIP GIRL, SUPERNATURAL, GLEE, HARRY POTTER. Enjoy :)

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spn - dean

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Misc, Alexis Bledel / Tobey McGuire / Kristen Stewart / Lost / Mean Girls / Kaley Cuoco / Hilary Duff / Cobra Starship / Anna Paquin / Patrick Dempsey / Eliza Dushku / The virgin suicides / Pink / Rachel Bilson
Emily Browning, The Uninvited caps / photoshoot
Gossip Girl, 3rd season caps / 3rd season behind the scenes / cast photoshoots - MAYBE SPOILERISH
Glee, promotional stills
Paramore, candids / dvd caps / 'Ignorance' music video caps
Katie Cassidy, screencaps
Merlin, promotional stills / screencaps
Supernatural, Meg and Ruby screencaps

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Photobucket Photobucket

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